Hark is an exciting start-up company that has developed a line of educational tools for children that are fun and engaging.

Hark is initially offering three different Children toys. The first is Number Toy, a fun toy that teaches children number skills. The second product is Letter Toy which as the name hints, helps children quickly conquer the alphabet. The third product is Phonic Toy, a device that resembles a mini PC and teaches phonic and math skills. While all the products are educational tools that develop core skills within the youngster users, they are fun to play with, thereby encouraging tots to use them often. New products are currently in development by the in-house department.

Hark has identified three keys to success that are instrumental in the sustainability of the business. Number one is the need to develop creative, educational, engaging toys. The second key is to adopt strict financial controls. The last key to success is the need to listen to customer, effectively creating a feedback mechanism for product improvement.


  1. Children rights
  2. Ethical Business Practice
  3. Protecting Environment

Hark Group is known as an entity whose main driven force is it’s Consumers. Within the framework of the group, consumers resource plays a vital role in its success.

By the teamwork of highly inspired and skilled personnel, the group is sustaining and will prolong the vision & mission to remain for all those who are connected to it; as the source through which dreams come true. With such a motivated, highly skilled and professional workforce Hark has started marching towards its glory of success which is not the profit but to enjoy the joy of life.

“Hark Group is known as an entity whose main driven force is it’s Children rights.”